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Design and manufacturing of industrial equipments

Quick Couplers & buckets for excavators & wheel loaders

About US

The same company, a new name!

We are very proud to announce that our company will from now on be called “PJB Industries Inc.” The word “Industries“ reflects the great expansion our company had over the last years, both in the USA and Canada.

PJB Industries will keep the same core values that made it so successful for over 22 years. Client satisfaction will remain our top priority. The best quality raw material, our highly skilled workforce and our state of the art fabrication processes will keep providing you a great quality product delivered on time.

A huge bucket!

PJB Industries designs buckets for several kinds of works, several buckets compatible with your excavators, mini-excavators and wheel loaders.

Quick Couplers

Our hydraulic and manual quick couplers provide an increase visibility during your works.

Our experience

Upon request, PJB Industries can go to your place for free to advise you and suggest different solutions for the design of your equipments made to measure.